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Kem'plet16 by Kanfedent Brands Hair and skins best friend


So.. you want to grow, repair, strengthen and maintain your hair? And do it Naturally... Kem'plet16... I remember my grandmother Pearl sitting in her wing back chair eatting butter pecan icecream. Beautiful hair, healthy, rich and shinning. Skin clean 1 complexion not a mark. Growing up Grandma Pearl loved her natural OILS, particularly Rosemary,  Lemongrass, Peppermint, Neem and her favorite Lavender. The only topical applied to her perfect skin, from head to toe was her blend of those 5 natural oils. Grandma Pearl left her secret with me which I never used until I went completely bald in the center of my head (skin bald). Grandma Pearl's secret started working after 6 months to a year.. impressive but I wanted more that's where Kem'plet16 (complete) 16 comes in.  My blend of 16 natural Organic Essential oils ( Grandma  Pearls 5 and 11 others I selected) all with benefits to help maximize the growth of your hair. These oils are known to stimulate and promote hair growth and much more. Grandma Pearl didn't have Google to confirm she just knew it worked from RESULTS!, you do see the benefits of these oils for yourself... Kanfedentbrands.com

Less than 4 weeks

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