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Hair growth repairs strengthens moisturize skin cuticles


Did you know, Kem'plet16 Isn't only for your hair?

The Formulated blend of 16 Natural Essential Oils in Kem'plet16 also helps relieves itchiness and skin irritation. It will soothe and help disinfect affected area, and in most cases can also reduce  inflammation from hives, ingrown hairs, sunburns, and even eczema, RAZOR BUMPS, AFTER SHAVE, PLUS.

It has emollient properties that help the skin retain its moisture. Excellent wrinkle fighter, evens out skin tone, acne eliminator and preventer.

The added vitamin E, reduces radicals in the skin to repair damages and keep your skin looking and feeling years younger. Kəm'plet16 is great for ALL yes Any types of hair and skin. A real head to toe product.. This Natural Organic Formulated Blend DELIVERS RESULTS!!!!


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